Our Process








Our Process







We’ve got the equipment, expertise and supplies to bring the canning revolution to those who never dreamed it possible, and our goal with every partner is to make their foray into the future of beer and cider as smooth as possible.

Using our state-of-the-art MC250 from Wild Goose Engineering in Colorado, we arrive to the brewer’s facility, unload our equipment, and transport everything inside to begin set-up. Fitting in a variety of spaces, from over the trench drain right in fermenter row, to a space cleared out after moving a few pallets of grain, we strive to make our process work for everyone. Once canning has completed, the brewery has all their space right back, aside from a bunch of cases of freshly canned product ready to be enjoyed!


Why Cans?

Cans are impenetrable to sunlight, unlike bottles. Sunlight causes a beer to develop that skunky flavor, something you won’t find from one poured from a can!
Cans have a better seal than a bottle, meaning no oxygen gets in and no carbon dioxide gets out. Oxygen gives beer off-flavors, and the loss of carbon dioxide over time can cause a beer to go flat. This superior seal also allows canned beer to stay fresh longer than bottled beer.
Cans are lighter than bottles, making them more environmentally- and economically-friendly to ship.
Cans are shatter-proof, unlike bottles, and this allows them to be enjoyed in many places bottles are outlawed, including tailgates, beaches, parks, concerts and a variety of other outdoor recreation Michigan and Indiana are famous for!
Cans allow for 360 degrees of design, as compared to a bottle which only has several square inches of paper label to brand the beer.
Cans get colder in a fridge or cooler faster than bottles!